Starting out as a folk-punk alter ego for frontman Rob Brown, Hamilton-based band, The Ruddy Ruckus have evolved into arena rock troubadours. 

Recovering from the fatal blow of a cancelled national tour in 2020, the band have been keeping busy penning new songs in the contemporary stadium rock tradition that has come to define their sound. New EP “Hell On Earth” represents the band’s embrace of the darkness that has altered and defined the course of their lives featuring four songs soaked in melodrama, overdrive and tender revolution. 

The Ruddy Ruckus have definitely started to define a sound that is uniquely their own. While the last record Wentworth and Main (2021) definitely put them on that path, these new songs show a side of them that even the band were surprised to find. 

“It’s not like we sat down and said that we want to crank the amps to 11 as we strive for stadium rock enlightenment,” said Rob. “But whether it was intentional or divine intervention, that is the quest we are on now.”

Press via Auteur Research


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