The Starkillers are announcing their arrival with big hooks, undeniable grooves, and heavy emotions on the first single and the title track off their debut album “Are You Thinking of Me” that’ll be out on the 2nd of September 2022. Those guys have been around playing in different projects for quite some time and now, they are about to reap the benefits of these experiences. 

“Are You Thinking of Me” kick starts with an emotional melody that explodes into a massive catchy intro. The verse’s fluid vocal melody carries you softly alongside the bass groove and ambient guitars, they smoothly escalate with a smooth ramp progression taking us to a big chorus with an open sound and intense vocals. It has a lot of engaging parts that build a lot of energy that’ll be smoothly channeled to their audience, I can easily see this being played in an arena with the masses singing “Are you thinking of me?”

“Are You Thinking of Me” sounds like a stream of melodies and grooves that smoothly flows into your ears, it has a simple structure with smart hooks and arrangement all depending on The Starkillers’ music writing skills and musicianship. Looking forward to the album release, cheers!