The video is about a gig for the band where the scenes switch between the band on stage and the head-banging crowd. I think the black and white image that the video sets the atmosphere for the music played by the band. There is not much happening in the video, yet it is enjoyable. The crowd really gives energy to the audience, it makes you just want to stand up and head-bang slowly to the music in a way suitable for this genre of music.

Concerning, the music, you really have to be in the mood for some Doom Metal to enjoy it very well. You will also enjoy it even if you’re not in the mood, but the mood really multiplies the enjoyment by 10 to the power of infinity. I found the music as whole eargasmic. I am picky when it comes to brutal and extreme vocals, the vocals here are just perfect to my ear. The extreme vocals that start at 2:10 were the thing that attracted me more to pay attention. The lead guitarist did a great job regarding his extreme backup vocals and the guitar riffs.

7:49 minutes from heaven. That’s my own personal opinion. Thanks to this video, the music is stuck into my head and I want to play it all over again and again. This is the kind of music that you cannot describe by words, you just have to listen to it to know what I mean, what I felt during those 7 minutes. Just listen to it and enjoy every second of it.

Reviewed by: Nehal A.Ali
Edited by: Ahmad Mostafa

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