Aramaic play Doom metal steeped in the melodic elements of Oriental music, and this forms the pillars of The Fallen EP. The band’s name represents an ancient tribe from a region where the band musicians hail from and this lends these musicians a unique direction on their debut EP.

Expect 18 minutes of Doom metal riffs and oriental melodies entwined together throughout the duration of the EP. Oriental influences are apparent from the first track with the intro featuring a beautiful acoustic guitar intro before easing into a distorted riff.

The vocalist has two very distinct styles of growling, and he uses each differing style, to benefit the band’s sound. What impresses me the most about the EP is the level of maturity shown through the song writing abilities of the band and the well thought out direction of the overall EP.

The Fallen EP is a solid first effort and hopefully this will not be the first and only chapter of Aramaic’s story as they have set a really good standard for Doom bands in the region. This is a must listen for Doom metal fans in particular, especially if they are looking for something away from the typical bread and butter of the genre. While there are highlights all over the place on this EP, the major pluses would definitely be the inclusion of the oriental instruments and percussions on a couple of songs. This will be a welcome addition to any purist Doom metal-ers playlist as it treats the genre with an abundance of respect without walking down the same sullen paths of doom metal.



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