After releasing two of his solo tracks “Who Shot Them Down” and “Adolescent Lover” this year, artist Robbie Rapids is back with another single, “April’s Gonna Rain” with a more upbeat, funk-rock vibe.

The Atlanta-based Rapids is eager to emerge and build a name for himself in the music industry, influenced by David Bowie, Tom Petty, and The Beatles, and enjoys a vintage sound with his warm guitars, so it’s no surprise that he calls his music “Jangly Power Pop Rock”.

“April’s Gonna Rain” is about a personal experience of Rapids but it is up to you. It’s a story about a female co-worker that lasts for years but is engaged and remarried. An expressive image inspired by nature that fits a realistic experience, as he says that “April showers bring May flowers”, meaning that all the emotional problems you are going through will make you a mature person.

Rapids’ ability to tell stories is borne out by his songwriting prowess, making this track an affirmation of his artistic strength, and his favorite thing about it is the guitar solo.

It starts with a strong, sharp guitar sound with a doubling effect followed by a great drum beat. The intro to the song is just enough to make you stick your head into the world of rock music. Rapids’ quiet vocals quickly fill up with some amazing harmonies that sing the song’s title, and the guitar is done so well that it holds the song throughout and that’s where the musical prowess comes into play.

Robbie Rapids is an artist capable of producing music we’ve always loved, and “April’s Gonna Rain” is the third proof of his skill and artistry, so enjoy it and listen to it on your way home after a light day’s work.