Through a hypnotic rhythm, “Temperature Falls” released their latest track, “Apology.” You only know that a person is bad news after they harm you, the rockelectronica tunes with the silky vocals picture the dilemma of an unfixable relationship. The music video, the lyrics, the vocals, and the melodies all work together to depict the struggle between a broken heart that refuses to let go and a mind that has had enough of lousy apologies with no remorse. It’s a soundscape created by this amazing duo, with dreamy vocals that effortlessly shift from soft to powerful and cut right through you; Camilla’s breezy vocals sound like an angel who has fallen from the arrow of lies, and the melodies, with their live electronic tunes and massive guitars bass, are the background rhapsody of the fall. They nailed crafting a music video that appears genuine and demonstrates the struggle to make it the perfect hunting soundscape.

“Temperature Falls” know how to make a one-of-a-kind work with the perfect music style, passion, and bold lyrics that spot the light on the drama of relationships when people don’t know how to stand up for themselves and set themselves free.

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Viola Karmy