April Bishop / A.M Photography

Some songs make you long for simpler times, when you could just sing along to an anthemic chorus and enjoy a beach outing or a car ride with your friends. Anything by Lewis Poole is one of those bops. At its core, the song is a pop-rock composition with larger than life drums and some programmed synths/keyboards which carry the lead melody. One noticeable difference from other bands and artists I’ve heard in this genre is the clear and prominent bassline which was simple yet enjoyable as hell. This track makes me wonder how different today’s music scene would be if bands played their instruments this well and kept them high up in the production. Mr Lewis Poole made a track that’s deceptively simple, energetic and has a clear instrumentation. If you’re a fan of Imagine Dragons and modern-era Fall Out Boy then you’ll love the work Lewis Poole has put here. As for the vocals, you will be amazed by the clarity and support which made the chorus sound all the more anthemic. It made me visualise a huge stadium or a concert hall with thousands of fans chanting those lyrics. That’s just the extent of raw energy and emotional punch the track carries. I recommend you listen to this song if you’re looking for an appropriate soundtrack to your vacation or beach trip.