Amanda Browne

With 13 years’ experience in playing guitar and writing music, the Irish artists LoveSelf is sharing his thoughts and emotions through music. He dropped his first single in 2022 “Anymore” on the 16th of April and today, we’re gonna dig deeper into it.

“Anymore” is one of those songs that can give you mixed feelings, it’s bittersweet, sometimes melancholic and sometimes that groove takes over control. It has a nice flow starting by the smooth intro and then that catchy groove mixed with the remarkable vocal melody that matches the energetic beat slips in, the offbeat at the chorus was a smart move that helped breaking the fluid vocal melody to make things interesting. The guitar melodies thrown here and there added texture and a little twist along the electronic beats and that bells-like-melody at the verse was refreshing and entertaining. The most interesting thing to me was how those number of beats and instruments were nicely layered, you can listen to each of them clearly and at the perfect timing.

“Anymore” is a mix of influences that shows LoveSelf’s good command of melody and groove, it’s a simple, radio friendly and smooth tune that’s suitable for a chilling night drive or a summer night with a drink. It’s something between indie rock, indie pop and electronic and this makes it appealing to a wide range of tastes. Looking forward for more from LoveSelf. Cheers!