New experience with another Polish band; last month, the Polish Progressive Rock/ Metal band Anvision released an official music video for their song ‘I Am Gone Away’ but, let me tell you some basic information about the band. Anvision was formed in 2007 and released their first EP entitled Eyes Wide Shut  in 2010. They released their first full-length album in 2012 entitled Astral Phase. The Members are: Artur Serwin, Marcin Duchnik , Grzegorz Ziółek, Łukasz Piwowoński and Marek Ostrowski.

First of all, I am going to talk about the main idea of the track. The main idea of the track is as “lovers” says, the relation between love and life, love and happiness, how your lover heals your wounds, sharing with you the same feelings and may it be happening if the lovers are far. I loved the date, which the band has chosen for releasing ‘I Am Gone Away’; they released it on 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. The riffs of the track are good and dealt with the matter well. The solo is perfect, the changes of the riffs expresses the change of the feelings and cases well. The sound of the keys greatly appears to add to the music that tragic or semi epic touch and I will focus on three main parts in the video: The actors or models, the band itself and other elements.

1) The actors:
The video starts with an injured man who was lost in the streets. For me, I saw the scene of being lost among cars simply symbolizes “life”. Moving cars in a straight way, the lovers together in one place and they are going through their road peacefully. Another important scene was when his beloved who found him injured and dying; started to heal and try to recover his wounds calmly and gently. When he felt her touches, he held her hands and begged her to stay, her soul became dead when he is gone away. I loved the way of the acting and the facial expressions. It was really good.

2) The band:
Their performance was also good and suitable to the melody of the track. They were moving and performing accurately.

3) Other elements:
The setting itself:
The setting of the video is divided into: Streets, a locked room, hospital and a top of a mountain. Every place reflected different emotions and feelings. The street, as we mentioned before, expressed the feeling of being loss, the mountain and falling from the top reflected the idea of failure, and the locked room for the lovers is just an inner conflict between feelings like love, anger, depression, regret and forgiveness. The locked room for the band is a place inside the human to feel his ups and downs. And the hospital, to express the feelings of fear and the closure of the end.

The light system:
It was dark and smoky to reflect the idea of the video. I think it was perfectly chosen.
At the end, the music video was really suitable for the track and portrayed the theme will. I highly recommend this video to watch, you will enjoy it. About the rate, it is 7 because I found some scenes were not clear as the movement of embracing for the male and female actors and the scene of one of the model is sitting while bleeding.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Ahmad Mostafa