Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, poet, and performer Sarantos is back with his latest single Another Surgery. A touching piece covering multiple themes and elements. Firstly we have Sarantos making a tribute to his father who from the metaphors present in the song died after a surgery, which is what connects Sarantos to the theme of surgeries. Also, we have an indication that our artist is suffering from ill health as well and is in and out of surgeries as a result. Finally, Sarantos is able to bring his concepts together and like a proficient writer is able to find closure and clarity within his theme, an understanding that during every surgery he becomes closer to his father and this therapeutic approach lessens the fears and apprehensions associated with surgery. Accompanied by an inspired lyric and performance video, Sarantos helps capture the emotions present throughout each stage of fear, acceptance, and grieving. He also is able to incorporate the healing and recovery process as well, which makes this track less singular and more cathartic.

With each month we seem to get another release from Sarantos, so I am a little apprehensive and maybe even speculative about the quality of the music being released. This is once again nicely put to ease where once again Sarantos is able to deliver a well-constructed message, idea, and concept for a song that becomes a narrative of his personal life and a reflection of the emotive quality a true artist is able to manifest. Although some of the rhyming schemes feel forced and the phrasing is out of time with the melody it is the overall appreciation of the piece that needs to be recognized. Sarantos puts his heart on his sleeve, so to speak, as he explores challenging topics and does so in a mature, professional, and competent manner. Another Surgery in essence becomes therapy, resolution, and acceptance rolled into one five-minute journey.


Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan | Evolution Music Press