Adam Schneberg

On his third single release, we find Sean Kennedy bringing in an energy of hopeful melancholy that’s stirring and beautiful with his relatable singing, and it’s always good when the songwriting too is touching and rich. 

Sean Kennedy is a singer/songwriter based in New York City, and his sound is that of neatly produced, bright, and exciting indie pop. ‘Another Life’ is his latest single. His third overall, and second official single of his upcoming studio album. The song’s synth-driven sound is soulful, with expansive synth strings and searing chord pads. The production is tight and the mix sees everything put precisely where it belongs, for a sound that’s radio-friendly and will find no difficulty finding a massive audience. Another Life’s songwriting is simple enough to be moving, without ever sounding excessive or over the top, with verses where the singing is relatable and easy to approach, and choruses with explosive hooks that are memorable with their light melancholy. 

Another Life is a simple enough piece of music that’s easy to love and easier still to enjoy, and if Sean Kennedy’s upcoming album is of the same caliber and color, then consider me on its waiting list.