I believe that love finds us rather than the other way around. Even if we don’t want to be found, when it knocks on our door, it turns everything around, including our hearts. Josh Savage’s latest album, “Another Life,” demonstrates the various levels of a relationship and how love grows through them all.

“When I first set out writing songs, I promised myself never to have the word “love” in them. I felt songs that did were cheesy and cliché… And then I met someone… I finally understood ‘love.’ ― Josh Savage

That’s why I find “Another Life” extremely sincere and touching, as it comes from the talented musician’s personal experience, and it’s written proficiently with passion. The singer/songwriter, Josh Savage, has mastered the creation of this album with well-structured arrangements and compositions. His sound blends between Soft Rock and Indie Pop, combining dreamy and euphoric vibes with electronic elements to add a dazzling touch. Josh’s vocals shift amazingly to match the mood of each song, delivering an outstanding performance. The eight-track album feels like it’s a moving story of an evolving relationship that will stir your emotions throughout.

“Young Fools” opens the album with an uplifting melody and cheerful young spirits. It may be capturing the afterglow moments, but the instruments and vocals definitely have sunny vibes. The single captures how it feels to be young, carrying big dreams yet surrounded by uncertainty. It can be played at a friends’ gathering, as it will have you all blending with its atmosphere and the rhythm will get you all swaying and dreaming. The story moves from the wild dreams and foolish nights to the chapter where the lead character experiences falling deeply in love in “In Too Deep.” If you’ve ever been in love, it will conjure up your sensations of being immersed in your affection and terrified of feeling this way, while its sound will remind you of every time your heart skipped a beat. All the elements work together smoothly to spread love all around, as the melodic vocals embody the poetic lyrics and harmonize with the dreamy instrumentation.

Moving on to a harder phase in a relationship, which is having to be distanced, “Compass In The Dark” is ravishing from intro to outro. The velvet vocals are both melancholy and hopeful, conveying both the pain of a long-distance relationship and the hope that it will work out. The guitar has a soothing tone, and the percussion couldn’t be softer, together with the backing vocals, they create an endearing, serene atmosphere. Now that we’ve reached half the album, we can conclude for sure that Savage has the ability to craft a piece that is sombre, poignant, and shiny all at once. “Someone TO Miss” takes us to the chapter where distance makes love roots deeper into the ground. A missing storm will hit you when you hear the moving melody and passionate vocals.

“Don’t Mind The Rain” has an euphoric ambiance created by combining the electronic elements with the glimmering guitar chords and soulful vocals. The dynamic delivery and the chorus lines: “I don’t mind the rain pouring down… I don’t mind the rain when it makes me think of you,” evokes the times when you ran under the rain drops with your loved one. “Stay Away” is the shortest song on the album. Nevertheless, it carries tons of emotion, a brilliant arrangement, and polished songwriting. It’s the chapter we don’t want to get to. All the elements are in sync and depict being torn between loving sincerely and loving sincerely enough to let go of the one you love before breaking their heart.

A washed-out intro is followed by a resonating performance in “How Far I’ve Come.” The guitar mellow lines give peaceful vibes along with the pure, delicate vocals that fit the intimate storytelling in the lyrics, characterizing the evolution of a relationship and drawing a comparison between the starting point and how things are going in the present. The album comes to an end with “Imprint” and its peppy rocking sound, side by side with the silky, compassionate vocals. It has a buoyant atmosphere with sentimental lyrical, and it makes the story come to its perfect closure.

This album is meant to be shared with the person who will relate to it with you. Enjoy together the great production and the flood of emotions. And if there isn’t anyone, it’s evidence that someday there will be, and you’ll be a changed person.


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