Christopher Banks

“Another Cloud” may be as well known as “the other sound”. This is a song that mixes elements of Alt-Pop with Alt-Punk, resulting in a psychedelic tune that flows free of definition. 

Bones in Butter music is for fans of artists of the likes of Foster the People, M83, Glass Animals and CAZZETTE. They self-describe themselves as a band that has been “successfully evading genres since 2019”.

The vocals are faded or muffed, which is quite trendy nowadays as well. In that way, it feels like the lyrics tell a ‘random’ tale that still uses a storytelling narrative to engage, not necesserily relate to the listeners, leaving the music and instrumentation to play a main role in the song.

If taken apart, the of instruments been played “don’t belong together”, however, as a whole it actually works and results in a new, surprising sound.

There’s an electric guitar, drums, there is even a sitar? It’s indeed a very spatial, futuristic sound that still has a down-to-earth root. A strange balance that plays out well as a whole.

BIB’s main influences are mostly from the 80s and 70s, such as Lou Reed, the Stranglers, Wire, Magazine, the Electric Light Orchestra, Wall of Voodoo, Tuxedomoon, Joy Division, Howe Gelb.

You can support their music on Bandcamp. You can also check out more of their work on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube.


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