‘Frant1c’: Nine Skies and Solace Supplice founder member Anne-Claire Rallo unveils the first single from her side project.
The album “A brand new world” is due to be released this year.
The story talks about Charlie and Hope who have always spent their lives together. One fine day, Charlie wakes up alone in a completely different and devastated world.
He will then goes in search of his soulmate and answers.
What is this world?
The discoveries and new encounters he will make throughout his adventure to find Hope invite us to reflect on various feelings and questions that are as universal as they are personal to each of us.
We find familiar names involved in the album, as Alexandre Lamia (Nine Skies), Martin Wilson (The Room), Laura Piazzai (Imaginaerium, Caamora), Johnny Marter (Nine Skies, SAS Band), Alexis Bietti (Nine Skies)…

Anne-Claire Rallo: composition, arrangements, piano, keyboards, guitar
Alexandre Lamia: arrangements, guitar, piano, keyboards, mix, master
Martin Wilson: vocals
Laura Piazzai: vocals
Alexis Bietti: bass
Johnny Marter: drums
Eric Bouillette (RIP): arrangements, composition, piano, guitar
Laurent Benhamou: sax on “Where have you been?”
Steve Anderson: artwork
Andy Rowe: special mention