Usually, I listen to the song before reading anything about it, so when I received Asterous’ Animus, I was very thrilled by its tightness and incredible harmony, along with its powerful lyrical view. 

The Canadian rockers were keen to deliver the idea of “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” This band reminds me of several iconic hard rock acts back in the 80’s and 90’s. The song structure is really impressive and unique, and I would like to tell you the mixing elements here were playing a huge role with the music. I love the overdriven guitar and how it goes smoothly with such powerful female vocals. In addition, the strong back vocals deliver the idea of the wolves that we are living with these days. I believe my best part will go for the soloing indeed. It’s rare nowadays to hear such melodic solos, everyone nowadays either plays pointless soloing lucks or just show-off! Unlike Asterous, we were keen that the solo presented the idea of the track, and believe me when I tell you they did it perfectly! If you check their previous releases, you can find that these guys are aiming to present rock music in a different way than anyone else right now. They keep their old-school influences within their music, but their modern touch is incomparable with any other act I have seen recently. 

To sum up, ‘Animus’ is one of the best rock tunes that I have heard this year. In fact, I am visualizing this song in my head as a music video, and I truly wish that they consider doing it soon. Thank you, guys! KEEP ROCKIN’