Ben Root (Instagram @benrootfilm)

Swiss Banks releases their 3rd single, “Animals”, a post-punk/alternative rock banger that you immediately fall in love with.

Swiss Banks is an American band from Austin, Texas. The band was formed when guitarist Lane Fielder responded to an ad written by singer/songwriter Adam Buhrman to recreate R.E.M album Murmur. Soon they were joined by drummer Joey Alves.

The song starts out with a driving bass line followed by a fast groovy drum line paving the way for the overdriven guitar to come in to complete the dark and groovy vibe the song has. Adam sings with his warm and expressive voice, engaging lyrics that give the song a conversational feel as he sings “I’m trying but I’m stupid”, “Don’t you feel like I do, I’m trying but I’m stupid”. The lyrical theme of the song talks about how the world consumes you and makes you feel useless no matter how hard you try. The chorus takes on a more ambient atmosphere with a tom drum groove and a guitar lead line shadowing the vocal line giving it depth, which gives the chorus a catchy sing-along edge. Between the last two choruses of the song Fielder takes the spotlight by pouring his heart out with melodic guitar licks, adding up to the overall emotional theme of the song.