The only flaw in the single is that it comes to a finish! It’s difficult to get enough of it. Despite this, the two-minute song contains a lot of action in a flawless production! That’s why it’s ideal for working out, partying, or just dancing everything out when you’re at your lowest. The drum fill’s intro with the electro rhythms primed my ears to hear some loud, screaming vocals, but surprisingly, the vocals made an entrance with a low-pitched tone that hypnotized your mind, then took it high by picking up gradually. When the tempo goes faster with the crushing guitar hooks, it becomes even more electrifying.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better after the surprising pop melodies and delicate, seductive vocals, a mind-blowing trumpet solo enters to raise the bar, add a jazzy touch, and cause everyone on the dance floor to slow down and sway gently. Ending the song with the drum fill as the beginning, leaving you ready to replay it again till your energy runs out.

There’s not enough amount of an “Animal” dose. You’ll need it every time there are negative vibes that need to be shaken.



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Viola Karmy



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