The second single from Apewards’s ground-shaking debut album Akrasia is ‘Anima’, which just arrived with a brand new music video. The song’s charismatic wails and fuzzed-out riffs were easily impressive when we rounded up the whole album, marking its place as one of the album’s most stand-out songs. Now with a new video, shot from the studio, the song has just received an all-new treatment that gives it an extra layer of depth.

Hailing from the German town of Marburg, Apewards is a three-piece of experienced musicians that can trace its roots all the way to 2012, when the three members found themselves while they were studying. The band’s organic, homegrown rock sound Carrie’s traces of punk, pop, metal, and even a bit of funk thrown in, but what is consistent throughout their songs is great musicianship that bring forth intricately written tunes with riffs, breaks, interludes, hooks, and more. ‘Anima’ is just the same. 

The way the song starts gives off a certain Arctic Monkeys vibe. Through the fuzzy riff, dry beat, and booming bass tone, the music is scruffy, charismatic, and inviting, and the characterful vocals that come carrying deep lyrics are the cherry on top. The multi-phased song continued to be impressively intricate, going through several parts and breaks with smoothness that is a hallmark of capable songwriters. Now the song comes with a video, professionally shot in a studio performance of the song, we can finally see the band doing their magic… a treat for musicians for sure.

Everything Apawards have dropped until now has been musical, rocking, professional, and compelling. They are a trio of consummate, passionate professionals who know how to write and record a good bit of rock music. We loved ‘Anima’ as a part of Akrasia, we loved it as a single, and we think the video is a terrific resource for musician fans who want a reference for all the song’s killer riffs, or for all the other fans who just want to see the band do their thing.