**Any type of violent behaviour is discouraged at all times, except for when you use your creativity to put it all out harmlessly**

Exhibit A:

Angry Flames – Wrath is an ode to everything that can go wrong and makes you mad in life. An excuse to get all the angry words out of your chest and let them spark your anger and burned it all out.

The black and white, grungy, industrial-like video accompanying the song promotes visually this fiercely enraged song. The lyrics play along during the video as well, so you can sing along and let the flames of your anger fire out of your lungs until you wear out all negative vibes.

A beautiful balance between rock ‘n’ roll and the spiritful blues. This perfect example of creative ferocity brings us back to the good, classic 80s-90s of rock, while the mellow, clear voice brings the best of blues.

The haunting notes of the guitar alongside the bold drums get us bouncing our heads back and forth, and tapping our feet to the rhythm of the instruments.

The lyrics hit back home, as even though bad days are usually prefered to be left behind and forgotten, it’s also healthy to admit the bitter emotions and express them outloud.

The title ‘Angry Flames – Wrath’ is second in the series, the band’s current project —a series about the Seven Deadly Sins entitled ‘Sin7’, to be released as singles throughout 2022.

Spyderhuff is a remote recording band spread out in different cities across the U.S. The band is formed by lifelong friends Tom Kuhr and Don Beyer. In 1992, a short-lived studio
band called Spyderhuff with drummer Jim Pauli was formed. These three core members
reformed Spyderhuff in 2020 with the EP Tired Wrangler followed by the EP Think About Me in 2021. Julie Noe recently joined the group, adding her vocal talent and a new dimension to the band’s music.

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