With a big year of single releases and an album with Marilyn Manson’s guitarist/producer Tim Skold planned, the LA-based rockers Love Ghost dropped their latest single Angelica on the 19th of January 2024. Kicking off 2024 on a high note and new direction, Love Ghost will be performing Angelica in 3 shows in Mexico City alongside other shows Guadalajara and Monterrey next February, as well as releasing a music video shot by Keith Coleman. So let’s dig deep into it together. 

Love Ghost show their purely emotional side on Angelic, a warm-sounding ballad that sends classic alternative rock vibes through its soothing vocal melody and acoustic-driven sound with touching melodies hitting the perfect spot, sending shivers down my back as I listened to it. Its soft escalating flow will smoothly carry you through its mellow dynamics as the subtle piano and atmospheric synth create an extra melodic layer at the perfect timing, strengthening its dreamy nature while that steady beat smoothly takes its flow a little bit higher, shaking its dynamics to keep the listeners following its progression without compromising its core sound. 

Angelica has a neat production that brought up its spacious structure allowing Love Ghost to freely steer their elements while making sure that everything will be fully heard and felt by their fans, once again showing their attention to detail and writing skills as they take us on another journey of exploring their uniquely diverse style. I’m always looking forward to seeing where Love Ghost will go next, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!