Riddled with tracks that change from experimental/psychedelic rock to retro disco-pop, Anemoia provides the perfect escapism setting for listeners ready to throw the world behind and drive. It’s bold, inventive, brimming with sublime moments and lyrical excitement. The opening track “Universe Whisper” is a sci-fi fetish for strangers, amplified by “Happens All the Time” and “Waiting For You”. “Piña Collider” has that discotheque madness vibe to it while “Jamais Vu” starts with an amalgam of sounds from lullaby bells to swooshes, lazy synths, and breathy vocals. “Long Time” has an intensely memorable melody” while “Rain Passing Through” has that 70s vibe that makes it impossible to sit still through it.

There’s a thing for everybody in Anemoia. It’s an eyeopener of an album, sparking interest and curiosity for what Spaceface has to offer. Cementing their presence in the music scene, a lot can be expected from them with originality and creativity dominating this album and -hopefully- the next to come.

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Jaylan Salah