Satyr is a progressive rock, post-hardcore and math rock band formed by young talented musicians based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band recently filmed their debut single using it to promote their upcoming EP Neutrino! They set release date to premier the music video on Friday, June 15., 2018.

The music video doesn’t show much of video technicalities and I believe they preferred to focus more on the music structure, singing style and the lyrical theme.

Although, the video looks pretty basic but it delivers the job nicely. Satyr includes four-young-talented musicians and they are; Michael Campbell on guitar and vocals, Brody Smith on drums, Calvin Cox on bass and Janald Long on Guitar and vocals.

The band implemented nice combination of melodic riffs within their music structure, and that’s why I understand now they have a mix between progressive rock, post-hardcore and math rock. Also, I see these guys are pretty funny and smart too. When you check their biography on Facebook you will find a nice way to make their audience more curious about the band state and music; “Satyrtonin improves your mood, sleep, life, appetite, energy level, and decreases nervousness. It can also decrease back pain. Take this medication by ear, 5 or 6 times a day with or without food. Some conditions may occur when this medication is suddenly stopped, such as: dizziness, mood changes, confusion, headache, diarrhea, and brief feelings similar to electric shock.” A smart method to represent your band within a scientific definition.

Aside from the amazing guitar parts, Janald Long did a nice job really within the clean vocal lines also his switch with Michael Campbell (growling and brutal) was simply well-made! Because both of them are so amazing indeed. I’d like to mention the powerful outro of the song too which executed perfectly by Brody Smith and Calvin Cox.

For sure; I am gonna rate this hard work 8.5 out of 10! And I am waiting their upcoming EP because these guys knows how to write music very well. Keep it up guys!