Many of us probably didn’t appreciate our lives much before COVID, and how many blessings we were surrounded by in our routine. Now, when even a normal, boring day is difficult to have, we end up “remembering the better times you never knew you had” as the single says. “And Then You Wonder” provokes many memories in mind for the past couple years, and one bright dream, which is the hope of walking up from that gloomy nightmare to see freedom’s sunlight once more.


S J Denne’s vocals are gentle and passionate; it feels like he’s telling a story that will take us to the magic land we all hope to reach. And the beautiful artwork for the single portrays that land where everything is better again. The melodies have a soothing, peaceful atmosphere, and while any fan of “The Beatles” will find it sounds familiar to “Eleanor Rigby,” from which he drew inspiration, it has a Baroque pop arrangement that distinguishes it, and it’s wrapped around the vocals to give together an uplifting, cheerful vibes. The lyrics are full of hope and faith, with a feeling like a warm hug in these days when any physical touch is not safe.

Listen to “And Then You Wonder” and imagine what you’d like to happen when you wake up from the dream. 

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Viola Karmy