Suddenly celebrated Anathema announces stopping the band’s activity and turning its status to “on hold” mood due to the uncertain future of world music due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among unpleasant updates that strike the music universally, this could be the biggest in the world rock/metal scene. Founded in 1995, Anathema left behind 13 full-length albums beside dozens of EPs, demos, and singles. Today, Rock Era Magazine presents a warm thanks list to Anathema. We decide to let our choices be suitable for autumn’s mood as today is the first day of it.


I prefer to start with “Anathema” from “Distant Satellites” (2014). Yeah, the name of the song is so close to the name of the band, but the lyrics of this song could summarize the journey of the band; “but we laughed, and we cried, and we fought, and we tried and we failed, but I love you.” The music carries beautiful key sounds with charming vocals performance, it is so close to theatrical monologue.

Inner Silence 

It could be not one of the most listened tracks of Anathema, but for me, it is one of the best ones of the band. The track could be short but it is really deep. The intro of the keys and the sounds cellos and guitars conquer your feelings and the wonderful lyrics will absolutely catch your thoughts; “when the light of your life sighs and love dies in your eyes.” Inner Silence is taken from Anathema’s successful release “Alternative 4” (1998).

J’ai Fait Une Promesse 

This song could be somehow unfamiliar to you. This one is taken from Anathema’s first full length “Serenades” (1993) and I was careful to check Anathema’s early stuff. It is closer to early Katatonia, more into death and depressive ones. Moving back to the song, “Jai Fait Une Promesse” is a short French track performed in a pitch closer to the folk music performance. Make sure to listen to it.

Lost Control

“Lost Control” is one of the most listened Anathema stuff and it is one of the definitive tracks of the band. “Lost Control” is a very depressive and heartbreaking song, especially, its final part starting with “yes, I am falling, how much longer till I hit the ground?“. It expresses the human’s tragedy melancholy! The song is taken from the timeless “Alternative 4” (1998).


“Springfield” is taken from the band’s latest album “The Optimist” (2017). As for me, this song is so special. It is composed of huge and rich instrumental fusion. Just enjoy the music.

Better off Dead  

“Better off Dead” is also one of the unfamiliar tracks by the band, but it is a beautiful and expressive song. If you a fan of piano songs with emotional pitch, this is for you. “Better off Dead” is added to “Alternative 4” in the later versions of the album. Please note that this song is not an Anathema original, but it is a Bad Religion band cover.


“Sentient” is an instrumental track taken from “Eternity” (1996). It is the most track suitable for Autumn, it is cold, full of shivers, melancholic. You can hear the sound of the gray clouds, misty sky, and ghostly nights.


One Last Goodbye

There is no Anathema list without “One Last Goodbye”. This song has unforgotten memories with me, I remember every tune of, it could be a song for forever farewell or a long-gone lover! death, fear, coldness, and sorrow! “One Last Goodbye” is taken from “Judgment” (1999).



“Harmonium” is a surprising track! It is taken from “A Natural Disaster” (2003) and it is a wonderful progressive track. There are different musical combinations as rock, depressive/atmospheric, and orchestral. I feel strange heat and hate in this music, “I was trying to live my life, it wouldn’t let me feel free to comprehend, what I see will never end.”


fear, regret, loneliness,” those three words summarize Anathema’s lyrical themes, and “Regret” is a gate for many people to cross to Anathema’s music. I still remember the moment my best friend sent me the link of this track to travel to Anathemas’s realm.

 I hope you enjoy our list and keep supporting your favorite music taste. Finally, a few years ago, our co-founder NJ Bakr had the chance to interview Anathema face to face in Dubai, she was the first Middle-Eastern Metal interviewed to had such a huge step in the Middle Eastern metal journalism career, check it through this HERE.