“Let the games begin” that was their motto in Andromida‘s 2nd Rock Festival at El Sawy Culturewheel, and what a big game it was; it rewarded their efforts with the 2nd place in the festival and a nice fan base that knows this name pretty well now “Circus


“Circus” how did you come up with such name for the band?

Circus: Well, we were considering several names and really funny ones were upon the list as G-string, but then we thought of choosing a name that reveals the nature of the society we are living in, where it’s a huge chaos with a lot of deep inner feelings hidden behind one smile and a show that has to go on day after day no matter what happens. And we intend to show it in our music as well.

Why haven’t we heard about Circus before the rock festival? Was this your first concert or have you performed before in other concerts?

Circus: We’ve actually performed in minor events like universities and within more than one occassion we did street jamming before anyone else thought of doing it. And in the ESK talent show as well, but we were always determnined to not perform in a major event unless we are ready for it as we believe its not by the amount of concerts you perform neither by how big the audience is; its by the amount of influence you can give to even just one listener.

In the rock festival your setlist had a great variety, what genre do you play exactly?

Circus: We can’t name one genre describing our music as its just like we mentioned before its a choatic influenced music; where everyone of us plays what he feels, but if we had to name a genre we would say its a merge of funk rock and alternative rock.


“Profile” is known that all the members of “Circus” already play in this band exept Bassem your bassist, so can you please tell us about the point and the idea of 2 bands with almost the same members?

Circus: Profile and Circus are two faces of the same coin where we can free our composing capabilities in Circus and enjoy playing amazing acoustic rock covers in Profile.

What was your reaction when you won the 2nd place in Andromida’s Rock Festival?

Circus: We were extremely overwhelmed as it was such a tough competition and most of the bands were so good and there was so much effort put from everyone. But at the end of the day what counts is feeling satisfied about what you are delivering to your audience and we achieved that.


Circus already have some originals, are you planning for any album release soon?

Circus: There are no plans for a complete album release anytime soon but we are intending to record our current tracks specially our single “DILEMMA” and also developing our uncompleted tracks as we have so much in our pockets yet to come.

Are you planning for any summer tours?

Circus: There is definately gonna be a concert before the end of this year and probably we will continue street jamming and focus some on recording our tracks.

How do you see the future of Circus?

Circus: We expect a lot from our originals and we are confident we can do better for we believe. We haven’t thrown our wildest tricks yet.

A word for your fans would be…

Circus: Music is not only ours but yours as well… so we would love to have everybody’s feedback.

Sincerely yours, CirCuS
And thanks man, rock on! m/