I loved the funky space-rock atmosphere really of the track! The strength of this song here isn’t the music only, but also its marvellous theme. Let’s start with the music, I believe this track will satisfy funk and progressive rock fans alike. When you check it out you will feel it’s divided into two parts, the first is so energetic and funky, and the rest is very harmonic, melodic, and progressive as well. The smart move here is when Andrea recorded different voices aligned together to create a stunning transition of humanity or as Andrea stated “The song is dedicated to the women, men and robots who have conquered and will conquer space.”

By the way, I recommend you check their single “Jupiter and the Galilean Moons” as well, it’s remarkable as ‘Among the Stars’ for sure, but what I love here is the well-orchestrated, performed, and arranged along with the space-rock atmosphere. “Roberto’s magnificent arrangement opens with Raffaella reading Galileo Galilei’s Sidereus Nuncius, a treatise from 1610 which marked the abandonment of the Ptolemaic theory, in which Galilei announced the discovery of the Medici satellites (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto). This part is dedicated to Galileo and the planet Jupiter. The second movement is dedicated to the turbulent moon Io and sees Andrea vocalizing accompanied by Riccardo’s piano and Roberto’s arrangement. The third describes the flight of the Voyager probes (and the others that followed) to discover Europa, one of the most interesting celestial bodies in the solar system, characterized by a gigantic underground ocean. Andrea here is accompanied by Roberto’s guitars and keyboards. The fourth movement is dedicated to the moon Ganymede and sees Andrea playing the Tongue Drum Handpan and Roberto the keyboards. The suite closes with the melancholy Callisto with Andrea playing the kalimba accompanied by the strings arranged by Roberto.”Andrea Pizzo explained.

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Mena Ezzat