Amaze Knight is a progressive Rock/Metal band that was formed in Italy. They released their first album last year entitled “The Key”

The album is a concept album, which talks about different experiences that the band members faced in their real life. Although the album contained five tracks, the music made me feel that they are one. Great accordance between the melodies, very good vocals that gave the music more brilliance.

The music had some concepts of beauty and purity. I loved the variety between calm riffs and aggressive ones, which reflected our real life, all sides of our character and all emotions we had.

The first track is ‘Imprisoned (Shadows Past)’, my favorite track in this album. It touched my heart and made me interact with the music; then comes ‘Restless Soul’, ‘Heartless’, ‘Liberation (The Reflection)’, and ‘Liberation (New Day). Every track represents a stage in one’s life, from the past to think of a new start and the future.

The instruments used in this album – along with the basic instruments – were different and gave an excellent quality to music, such as violin. The recording was top notch as well!

I personally expect a great future for Amaze Knight because their music is really unique and perfectly good. I give this album 9 out of 10 and I highly recommended it to you. Enjoy

Edited by: NJ Bakr