It’s been said that “some people are artists. Some, themselves, are art.” Jaqualyn Taimana Williams‘ “Am I Art?” manifests the idea of how the human body in all its shapes is a marvellous form of art.

“Am I Art?” is a natural flood of a hybrid folk-rock sonic ecstasy where the Kiwi artist Jaqualyn Taimana Williams addresses the notion that even while each person is distinctive and imitates their surroundings and the natural world, they all nevertheless reflect stunning artwork.

The artist behind this dipped in aesthetic work is Jaqualyn Taimana Williams, who has been in several bands for more than thirty years and making educational bilingual children’s music since 2018. She puts her heart and soul into each type of music, crafting a splendid artistic identity where each single in her discography stands out with its own sound, yet they all have a common compelling spirit.

Interview with Jaqualyn Taimana Williams

Being a part of the upcoming indie rock EP “Guns of Dialogue,” the latest single “Am I Art?” gives a tasty hint as to what to wait for. The track has a soothing vibe right from the start that give off a reassuring feel. One is invited to become immersed in their own beauty and to embrace their artistic qualities by the poetic, scenic lyricism, dreamy, melodic vocals, soaring melodies, overall delightful musicality, and clean production.

The guitar playing by Tim Skedden, who also did the production, is mesmerizing, as it sounds like backing vocals harmonizing along with Jaqi’s dulcet voice to give extra tranquilly and felicity to the output. Jaqualyn Taimana Williams has a ravishing vocal line and an ethereal performance that convey the cinematic features of the lyrics, making one feel like if they were put in heaven, they’d instantly feel like they were a fitting piece

The song comes with a must-watch music video that includes the exquisite musician herself, a soulful dancer, and a variety of spirited artwork. It’s an absolute joy to the eyes and hearts to watch with all of its creative footage.

To enjoy an exquisite experience and to get a chance to think a little about what kind of art you are, hit the play button below and enjoy!