Mike Snodgrass’s latest single is a heartwarming Country song with a lot of personality and a deeply touching message to boot.

A Knoxville, Tennessee native, Mike Snodgrass is a brilliant songwriter, and the players that back him are no less proficient. His brand is one that’s been heard a thousand times before; Country Pop. With a simple, peppy composition, a fast-paced rhythm, and some sweet, sweet words to go along. Always Be Mine is written about Mike’s step kids. A loving and truthful ode to his heartfelt desire to call those kids his own and have them call him their own too. Bright and optimistic, there’s a healthy tinge of musical humor, courtesy of the playful brass section, and the masterful harp solo in the later half. Drum playing is a thing of beauty. With a steady, firm hand, the beat is delivered heartily, and the many fills are punchy and satisfying. One gripe I had was the slightly quirky EQing. The guitars are a little brittle, the vocals are a bit tinny, and the drums are mixed just a tiny bit flat in dynamics. I suppose a little compression mishap could have been the culprit, but it’s nothing that I couldn’t get used to 15 seconds into the song. No harm, no foul. 

With a more concise production, this song could easily be something that Country Pop radio stations fight over. But for now, let it be called a hidden Jem with a beautiful meaning to back it. And if the radio stations fight over it, we’d be so happy for Mike and the band, because we love it.