Here we go again with another hit by Null Rays, the AlternaGirl. The track is from their latest released album on May 5th this year, “Midnight at High Noon.” Let’s find out!

Actually, I was kind of a bit confused while listening to it and I had to put it on repeat countless times. Why? Well, I felt that AlternaGirl is a mix of soft rock ballad blended with classic rock and hard rock elements. The track starts very smoothly and easily catches your ears like most of their tunes, however, my favorites parts are the chorus and the main melody… I was whistling with it really : D

I love how it’s like a conversation between Jason Carpentier and Kate Kenney Nutting while singing the song. As I mentioned earlier in my previous review for ‘Eyes Wide Open” that Null Rays are highly influenced by many legendary acts, still, I love how they add their own signature on each track. I love how the drumming, guitars, and arrangement is different. Isn’t this what makes a great band from another?

Definitely, choosing the right musicians for your track is a hard job, however, it’s not the case here as the stunning guitar licks and soloing by Mike Gendron took it on a different level. Mike chose the concept of “short & sweet,” and I’d add impressive! Of course, the tightness of any music we listen to will be back to its core, which is perfectly made by Dana Blake (drums), Ron Dumont (bass).

‘AltenrtaGirl’ written by M. Gendron and performed by the extraordinary rock act, Null Rays. Check out their latest album on BandCamp and feel the vibes!