Imelda Gabs certainly knows how to use music to convey a powerful message. The 23-year-old artist is brimming with feelings, insight, and talent. She managed to craft lyrics that open the worst shuttered doors in your mind with these black eyes and souls’ creatures confined inside, Once the door is open, the war begins with the realisation that you will never be the same, as you must pick: “Which warrior are you now, the good one, the cool one or the evil?”


Her vocals are breathtaking, it has the ability to grab your attention from beginning to end. She has the ability to color her voice according to what are the lyrics saying. The music video is like it had been filming inside of the warrior’s head. Imelda’s facials can seem too pure, and later too damned to envision the transformation. The video brings the lyrics and the strong message to life. Even the music contributes to the plot by beginning soft and melancholy, and then escalating into a great wrath and conflict. The guitar chords manage to make you feel anxious, almost as if you were there. To sum it up: Vocals, lyrics, video, and music come together to create an artistic portrayal of the most unjust fight, “You Vs You.”

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Viola Karmy