Originating from Red Deer, Alberta, Harehound is the rebrand of the alt rock trio previously performing under the name “Rebecca Raabis.” The band consists of members Rebecca Raabis (lead vocals, bass) Colin Langstraat (drums, backing vocals), and Craig Gomez (guitar) – who are no strangers to the music scene.

Their mix of alt pop and punk rock influences makes for a hard hitting, catchy sonic attack that is sure to make you proudly dance your night away. 


The term “Devil May Care” suggests the willingness to take risks and the lack of concern for what others may think or how things may turn out. The term also implies a sense of adventure and daring, as well as a willingness to embrace uncertainty and to live in the moment. That’s what frontwoman Rebecca Raabis wanted to convey with their song “Devil May Care” – she strives to reach her own goals and to do what makes her happy in spite of the scrutiny and opinions of others.


“The inspiration for this album comes from a deeply personal and introspective place. I was and still am going through a period of growth and self-discovery, where I am learning to set healthy boundaries and prioritize my well-being,” explains Raabis. “Overall, this EP is a powerful and transformative work of art that can hopefully inspire listeners to prioritize their own well-being and inner strength. It could be a testament to the importance of setting boundaries and cultivating self-love, and a reminder that we are all worthy of love and respect, both from ourselves and others.”

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