Born out of the chaotic dive bar scene in Toronto, Harley Olivia has seen it all. From fronting metal bands to circus-punk and everything in between, Harley has always felt most alive on the stage. Her energetic performances are characterized by punchy synths, infectious melodies and Harley‘s signature swagger. But at the heart of it all, a Harley Olivia show is an empowering, rock ‘n’ roll dance party where anyone is free to come join in and shake off the shame.

Harley worked as a flight attendant for 10 years which meant that she spent a lot of time in hotel rooms in foreign countries, feeling lonely and burnt out, missing her family. In the beginning it was an exciting job, but over time aviation pulled her away from creating music. She dealt with depression and anxiety and ultimately realized that she was unhappy because she wasn’t pursuing her dreams. It was finally time for her to bet on herself, and make a big change.

Every time I found myself alone in a hotel room, I couldn’t turn off my thoughts. A combination of jet lag, anxiety and loneliness caused me to constantly overthink, which felt like being “Haunted” by my own thoughts.

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