Alt-rock band Kojak‘s musical journey began in 2018. Their diverse musical influences, ranging from classic heavy rock like Led Zeppelin and the Raconteurs to contemporary artists like Wilco and the Tragically Hip, permeate their sound and can be heard like ghosts jamming with the band, on the musical journey that is their newest self-titled album.

Their song, “Seasons,” has a lot to offer, from sweeping guitar melodies, to a chanty chorus, all held up with a rolling, rhythm-driven beat. The band chants the four seasons in the pre-chorus which, lyric-wise, is the first part of the song that was written. It felt natural to name the song after this pivotal moment in the tune, a moment in which time for the band is passing quickly and they are trying to find their bearings. 

“Winters can feel long and drawn out in small-town Ontario, so with the changing of the seasons we felt naturally driven to create some tunes that reflected our rejoice in the inevitable tilt of the earth’s axis,” says guitarist/vocalist Drexel Purtelle. “We feel like we hit our mark with ‘Seasons,’ which for us suitably plays like a celebratory, summertime anthem.”

Press Photo by Chloe Tremblay

In the spring of 2023, Kojak entered the studio of acclaimed musician and producer David James Allen to record what was initially intended to be a single tune. Little did they know that this encounter would mark the beginning of a liberating creative process. The energy, sound quality, and creativity that David brought to the sessions captivated the band, leading them to expand their vision and produce a full album under his record label, Littleknown Records.

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