Ways In Waves is the brainchild of Brian Raine, a multi-instrumentalist and music producer originally from Yellowknife but currently living out of Edmonton. With malleable form and the spirit of experimentation at its core, the group began as a live duo before expanding to a five piece live band with Raine picking up vocals as well as guitar and keys parts.

Raine has chosen to focus the sound of the project into a tighter, brighter, more aggressive sound. Combining aspects of rock, art-pop, and electronic music together into a mixture that propels the listener through controlled chaos. “Who In War” uses the previous single “Everything Taken” as a starting point, and pushes the layering of textures and instruments toward an intentional maximalism. The bombastic and surreal build of the song culminates in an explosive cacophony that sounds like a celebration during an air raid.

Written from the perspective of someone who is perpetually online and begins to think they can change the world all by themselves, ultimately developing a god complex, watch + share the official “Who In War” music video (visuals by Polyphonic):

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