Canadian musician Keegan Powell makes songs that explore the mystery of pain, the release of demons and how through it all, life actually may be some kind of miracle. Imbued with infectious hooks and ferocious energy, Alien Radio is a compilation album composed of tracks previously released and unreleased from Powell‘s archive, spanning across several separate recordings from the years 2016-2019. Inspired by wanting to contextualize his current albums with bits and bobs that were lost along the way, the tracks are a glimpse into an artist trying to overreach his ability and achieving it, only to forget about it altogether.

An ultimate companion piece to Powell‘s previous work (including the college radio staple Fear Be Gone LP), Alien Radio consists of crystal clear pop songs in the guise of quarter life angst.

For Powell, “In My Cave” brings back memories of being 24-years-old which was a very strenuous and arduous period in his life. He feels fortunate that he was able to make a lot of music around that era – a time when he wasn’t even sure how he was going to make it through most days. While Powell previously thought a lot of Alien Radio‘s tracks were “lost,” the medium of music has made them found and alive again.