Wotts, the indie synth pop rock duo that defies conventional musical genres is about to release the first song off of their upcoming EP “Petals”…the song is “ALLO!” and it’s an excellent start to a hit EP in the making, if they play their cards right!

The duo is based in Ottawa, Canada…and they are Jayem (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) and Ricky (bassist/guitarist)…and they are returning to their synth pop origins with “ALLO!”…which marks a very charismatic and melodic musical presence in the music scene

“ALLO!” captures all senses from the very first seconds of its playtime.


The synth melodies pulled us in instantly to the synth pop world, that also has some groovy dancy bits here and there…

The groovy bass is a staple of the movement that “ALLO!” induces in the systems of the audiences…us being part of that!

“ALLO!” has dancy parts, energetic parts, then has a very ambient bridge where the guitar shines and bursts into the solo…and another ambient bridge that mixes things up only to kick up the energy to level 100 once again…

The musical structure of “ALLO!” is a very entertaining one, one that keeps you hooked from start to finish, only to have you play it back once again, especially with its concise runtime of 3 minutes…it’s the kind of song you’d keep on repeat for some time.

The vocal elements contain movements, ambience, rhythm, it’s more like an instrument than standard vocals that you’d find anywhere else.

We wish all the best to Wotts with their upcoming EP “Petals”…if “ALLO!” was just a taste of what to come…then we’re ready for the feast.

The song drops on the 26th of this month…so in a couple of days, keep your eyes and ears peeled out for the awesome Wotts.