Olli Violet

People might call the guy who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants and however he wants crazy, but it’s just the absolute freedom and the authenticity of letting go and being free from constraints and social cuffs.

From Sweden, the Alternative Rock band Pressure that successfully manages to play multiple genres and blend them forming a wonderful fusion that grabs your ear’s attention through this wild track “All The Things”.

“All The Things” is a journey to pursue your instincts and let go of the social constraints that are holding us down from being our true selves.

The track begins with a rocking guitar lick, along with the drumming that Inserts the rocking vibe within, in fact, it made it easier to determine whether the track is influenced by rock or pop for instance.

The vocals are very powerful and really vibes as the vocalist wearing the badass pin made them think why not let go? While the vocals advocate that attitude.

Using keys also boosted the track a lot for its Pop/Rock theme and impressing the listeners and applying some blendy music with the tented high pitch vocals and instrumental skills.

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