Perth-based singer and songwriter Derek Lee Goodreid does a stylish job of embracing timeless rockabilly roots in his latest single release, the inspiring and raspy anthem ‘All or Nothing’.

If you ask the passerby to define rockabilly, they would probably try to describe a mixture of twangy, characterful guitars, busy and shuffling rhythms, and a singer with a whole lot of attitude, and while the genre, way past its heyday, has seen far more than those few characteristics, it seems to truly boil down to those few elements. Done right, we will almost always have a banger in our hands.

Derek Lee Goodreid is effortlessly pulling all the elements off on ‘All or Nothing’. Using a crisp-sounding rhythm guitar, chicken-pickin’ and all, and an organic, roomy-sounding bustling beat, and his own husky voice that transform within a second from being feisty yelps and smooth and soulful croons, this is a song that showcases the songwriter’s unique vocal skills. for a mix as simplistic as this hearty threesome of guitar, drums, and vocals, the arrangement sounds just about full enough to make sense and sound cohesive

Inspirational, satisfying, organic, and barebones, ‘All or Nothing’ is a display of a different kind of musicality brought to us from the fringes of the vast outback by a one of a kind artist.