Nick Beckley

S J Denney is an English singer/songwriter from Essex. Being into music from an early age starting as a choir boy then learning the clarinet and music theory which gave him a solid song writing base to lately focusing on learning acoustic guitar, S J has performed in various bands and duos till starting his own project. “All I’ve Ever Known” is his latest single released April 8th, 2022, mixed by Mat Leppanen at The Animal Farm and mastered by Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters and will take you into a deep sonic journey for whole 4 mins. 

“All I’ve Ever Known” is a beautiful emotional trip with lovely soothing melodies all wrapped in a mellow chilling mood. The song carries a stream of emotions channeled through S J Denney’s lovely voice and subtle guitar arpeggios mixed with vocal harmonies, simple percussions and melodic harmonica solos. I must give credit to the lovely ladies who did a great job with vocal harmonies at the chorus that gave S J Denney’s lovely melody there a new dimension.  

“All I’ve Ever Known” shows S J Denney’s command of turning his emotions into well-crafted song. The lovely mood he created and how it was written and produced is amazing. He used vocal melodies, dreamy guitar melodies, right on spot percussions and harmonica to drive the listener slowly to his world. I’m looking forward for more trips in S J Denney’s world and totally recommending “All I’ve Ever Know” to anyone “I’ve ever known”. Cheers!