“All Is Forgiven” is the latest single from the Ottawa-based Star Persona…a song about forgiveness as the title implies…a very important concept that isn’t highlighted in everyday conversations as much.

We need a lot more forgiveness in the world, especially in these times we live in now…it’s a much darker world and I personally believe that forgiveness might be the light that can take us out of this darkness.

Star Persona has Claude Malette as the main songwriter, he writes the music and the parts for the guitars, bass, lyrics, melody…everything basically…and friends help out with their expertise in drums, vocals and the solos in his songs.

“All Is Forgiven” is a spiritual rock mix, with folk and Christian rock fused together to create a highly spiritual musical experience.

The melodies are catchy, the lyrics are catchy…the message comes through very clearly and easily glues to the audiences’ minds…and instantly.

“All Is Forgiven” has a straight-up rock power in its second half…the song takes a rocket up into the rock sky and it hits hard.

The highlight of “All Is Forgiven” could be the awesome vocals, the amazing melodies, the sound quality…could be…but there is something that reigns king above all…it’s the message this song has for the world…and it is one of the most important messages ever. Period.

The message is ‘be kind, forgive, you’ll do it, and it will happen to you’.

I love the message and I love the musicality of all the elements…everything feels and sounds perfectly together.

Wishing all the best to Claude and Star Persona. I can’t wait to hear what you’ll come up with next, but we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be brilliant.


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