Joakim Aukea

“All I Want to Say” is an 8-minute metal-progressive rock crossover ballad featuring Tom Englund. The second single from Sweden-based band We Are To Blame. 

The song effortlessly blends the old with the new. It’s hard to describe We Are To Blame as anything other than raw and uncompromising. The track features ominous, haunting qualities to its ambiance through the clever use of instrumentation combined with the vocals. 

Somber and foreboding, the track is evocative of the pop metal sound of the late 1990s. Despite the fact that the song evokes a lot of that vintage vibe, it still retains a timeless quality. The band created a single with a high potential of accessibility, a song that appeals equally to angsty nu-metal boys and stoic Gen Z girls. The combination of hard rock guitars and sentimental lyrics is an excellent introduction into the world of metal. 

The vocals are surrounded by a slew of rhythmic guitar riffs and percussive effects throughout the song. It serves as a modern interpretation of traditional heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, and Type O Negative, with a major emphasis on bombast and melodic experimentation.


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