New York’s The Heroic Enthusiasts releases their bang “All I Want.” It is the perfect first taste of their forthcoming album. 

New York City’s The Heroic Enthusiasts are a duo fueled by a shared passion for Brit-pop, New Wave, and Post-Punk. James Tabbi and Thomas Ferrara, both veterans of the NYC music scene, joined forces to create The Heroic Enthusiasts.  Their latest single, “All I Want,” marks a turning point for the band, not only for its sound but also for their deep creative collaboration with legendary producer Stephen Hague.

“All I Want” is a captivating fusion of alt-rock and electronic flourishes. The song boasts a vintage feel, expertly layered with modern production techniques. James Tabbi’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with charismatic, bright, and melodic, they soar effortlessly above the instrumental tapestry.

Speaking of the instrumentation, it perfectly complements the vocals. A shimmering synth line weaves its way through the track, adding a touch of electronic magic. The guitar work is tasteful and engaging, echoing the classic rock influences that inspired the band’s formation. The percussion and rhythm section lay down a foundation that’s both danceable and vibrant, with vivid rhythms that make you want to move. The track feels cohesive and polished, a testament to the mutual respect and friendship that has blossomed between The Heroic Enthusiasts and Stephen Hague.

With “All I Want,” The Heroic Enthusiasts have delivered a powerful and uplifting anthem that leaves you eager to hear more. Keep an eye out for the full album! It promises to be a treat for fans of classic alternative rock with a modern edge.