Urban Walrus’ “All I Really Want” is a dreamy indie-rock take that is structured to open a secret door in one’s mind, taking them to the perfect scene where they’re laying in the sand with the sea right in front of them, washing any previous moment but the precious present one with their romantic interest.

Urban Walrus is the alter ego of Swiss/German singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fabian Koerber. The project was established in 2022, and three singles were released, hitting half a million streams on Spotify alone.

“All I Really Want” sounds at first like it has a nihilism theme where a person has had enough of the big ifs in the universe and doesn’t care about a thing anymore, only to turn out to be enfolding around adoration through the poignant vocal performance, tender melody, and affectionate lyricism.

Gentle guitar playing opens the song, which builds a positive atmosphere right from the start. Once the warm, melodic vocals enter, it doesn’t matter what the theme is because it will offer a good vibe anyway. The relaxing musicality helps with fantasizing about being at the beach, with a starry sky and perfect blue waves illustrating the background, because the main view is the one you love sitting next to you.

The instrumentation draws a soothing ambiance while leaving space for the vocal line to standout, and it’s stunning enough to steal the show seamlessly. The single features Jeannot Steck’s clear, polished production, which is the final piece that tightly brings everything together, demonstrating how every element was presented with attention to every detail.

Once you hit the play button, you’ll enjoy the timeless feel that “All I Really Want” will give you, and just by closing your eyes, you’ll be enjoying a trip to the sea.