The on-the-rise musical project “The Project,” hits us with heavy waves of pop-metal sound and warm sentiments in their single, “All I Ever Needed.”

Led by James Davis, former guitarist for award-winning hard rock band Shameless, The Project emerges and sparks as a supernova. Davis takes a different direction with The Project, blending pop and metal influences. Featuring vocalist Jeff Plant (also from Shameless) and drummer Andre Bonter, The Project promises exciting surprises to come, hinting at the addition of more talented musicians.

The party starts with an energetic intro, setting the stage for something beyond your typical radio fare. “All I Ever Needed” injects a dose of electrifying 80s rock, creating a sound that’s both a blast from the past and refreshingly new. The melody burrows into your head instantly, and James Davis’ guitar work explodes in the chorus, taking things to another level.

This track is perfect for serenading that special someone, a proclamation of “All I ever needed was you, please don’t let me down.” With such passionate vocals, adrenaline-booster musical composition, and poetic lyrics, who could resist? 

Prepare for a musical odyssey where the instrumental skill and vocals are renowned! Dynamic guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and flawless vocals – these artists share an unmistakable synergy. The captivating rhythms lead you through the experience, carrying you from initial booming to an in-depth connection with this characteristic suite.

Hit the play button and enjoy the astonishing rocking voyage!