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Electric Circus, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK released an intense alternative pop-rock song that will rock your world called ‘ all for a stranger’ on the 16th of February. The song will fill you up with energy and good old unapologetic hard rock vibes. This is the first single the band has created as they were finding their own brand and musical voice. The frontman Shaun Lamb started this quest during the pandemic, insisting on making his band come to life and becoming the noble messengers of high-energy rock again. The band’s first single was released in 2021, and they are often compared to The Reconteurs.

All for a stranger carries its meaning in its lyrics and music altogether. The song talks about making the best out of the sheer moments in life we get to spend with people who are not going to stay for more than one night, and yet manage to leave a huge mark from their experience on your life forever. It’s a song that cherishes goodbyes for a change in a very raw and sincere way. The overall sound of the song is really out there, daunting and assertive packed in sweet and straightforward emotions. The song is highly emotive with its fast-paced, aggressive tune and daunting melody. The musical arrangement is nice with an 80s rock vibe twist to the track. You’ve got an amazing distorted electric guitar that is textured with another layer of electric guitar sound that is softer, screaming guitar tones and hard rock drums. There is a great, passionate electric guitar solo as well. The vocals are charged with emotion and realness. More is yet to be heard and enjoyed from Electric Circus.