From the very first second I heard the Virginia-based band Matney’s single “All Fired Up” and I thought…this is an excellent to be in a Hollywood movie…like AC/DC and many more…”All Fired Up” is an absolute and instant banger.

Reminds me of the car chase scene of “Last Action Hero” when they played AC/DC’s “Big Gun”…Matney’s “All Fired Up” would work pretty nicely here too.

The guitar licks, vocal melodies, and powerful gritty performance are brilliant.

The rocky-groovy bass line is banging and the drum beat acts as the locomotive force behind this powerful performance…everything works perfectly together…

…if you’re a fan of AC/DC, then you’re in for a huge ear candy treat…

“All Fired Up” is a single by Michael Matney, inspired by Southern rock history and his upbringing in the culture.

The song is influenced by Matney’s musical heroes, farm life, faith, and past struggles. 

Produced and co-written by Stevie Salas, who also provided the lead guitar, the multi-platinum producer has produced gold records for musicians like Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger.

Matney’s name is a hit for the underground post-punk scene and Southern Rock, with his previous acts “White Boy” and “The Average Rat Band” becoming iconic hits.

Make sure to check out Matney’s “All Fired Up”, it’s one powerful and epic rock song that is sure to quench our thirst for this unique and impactful genre.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant artist.


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