The Nomadic’s Rob Gaylard has readily won me over with ‘Treading Water’, his previous tasteful, chill, and colorful release. So, I was obviously thrilled to take another dive into his work with ‘All Changed’, and I’m happy to report that he continued to win me over.

The Nomadic is an Australian band based in Sydney and masterminded by singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard. Their sound is rich with reverb and organic, roomy mixes that are given flavor by characterful guitars and lush pads. ‘All Changed’ is just the same in those regards. Lush organs, overdriven and jangly rhythm guitars, and roomy, punchy, and simplistic grooves that drive the whole song forward with a steady, collected pace.

A song about major life changes, Gaylord is singing heartily on ‘All Changed’ about growing up, experiencing shifts in relations, careers, friendships, and changes within us. Singing about such a detrimental and huge chunk of our lives over such an upbeat and cozy mix makes for a truly heartwarming listen that is easy-going, brightly colored, and memorable.

The Nomadic is a powerhouse of skilled musicians who are all capable of tight and orderly performances, making their songs solid and neat, and the sweet mixes, prepared by the band’s keyboardist and producer Dan Frizza, manage to eloquently capture the magic. ‘All Changed’ is an all-different kind of fun from ‘Treading Water’, but just as warm, amicable, and memorable.