Joe Pope recorded “Alicia’s Song” in memory of his wife’s sister. The song is dark with a harder sound and a keynote message that calls on peace and acceptance. Death is the main player in this song, attentively guiding throughout the music, lyrics, and vocals. Joe’s voice is chilly and observant, paying respects to a beloved, and connecting with people from all over the world who have gone through similar experiences. Joe crafted an emotional symbolic story through this melodic indie-pop track, lyrics are paired with a somber, stripped-down guitar sound.
“Alicia’s Song” paints an image, as grim and chopped as it may be, but an influential one at that. Somehow the poignancy and the poetic persistence show through the careful selection of words and the cooing rhythm. Joe’s guitar sound creates a crystalline-pure shoegaze track which -partnered by his ethereal voice- strikes a nerve with listeners going through loss, sadness, or pain. “Alicia’s Song” is a track to resonate with many listeners, destined to gain a more faithful following in the coming months.


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Jaylan Salah