Ali Ingle’s “The Locker” can be viewed from four different angles; the melody, the lyrics, the video, and his voice.

Starting with the melody; I liked it a lot. I can imagine myself relaxing on the beach or driving my car with the windows rolled down and listing to the song and relaxing, getting lost in the world around me while the song plays in the background. Yup, definitely liked the melody.

Second, the lyrics. Personally to me they seem a bit highschool-ish breakup drama to me, where the teenager is being used by the person of their dreams and when they finally had enough they get a wakeup call that it’s time to move on, but I find interest in the lists that he made of what he is not, people who have been used some time in their lives can relate to that. Still the lyrics are at best average nothing new nothing special.
Third, the video. I miss videos that actually have something to do with what the song is about, and this one I just don’t get, maybe it has something to do with the new age art, that you have to look deeper to understand the relation between the video and the song, or maybe the artist just like to be different and distinctive.

And lastly his voice, not to sound offensive but to me his voice seems like an acquired taste. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of fans of his out there that love his high toned voice, to me to have a voice like that you either go big and great or not at all, for a guy to sing such a smooth melody like that you need a smooth voice or jazz it up a bit, but this song is not meant for that voice

All in all, I’d probably have this song on my iPod for certain times, but likelier I’ll skip it most of the time. It’s good but not great, felt like the song could have had more come out of it.

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